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Manicure & Pedicure


~ Essie

~ Essie Couture

Luxurious long-wear with gel-like color and shine.

No Chip
Manicure & Pedicure

~ Semilac Paris

14 day wear, mirror  shine, zero dry time.





Spa Manicure & Pedicure

CND Spa Gardenia Woods

~ Soak

 Delicately cleanse with soothing sea salt containing a botanical blend of purifying sandalwood and moisturizing chamomile. Leaves skin feeling nourished, renewed and softly fragranced with jasmine and gardenia blossoms.

~ Scrub

Luxurious, creamy scrub provides truly indulgent exfoliation with a botanical blend of calming chamomile and purifying sandalwood to soften and smooth skin.

~ Masque

Treatment mask with a nourishing botanical blend of softening chamomile and hydrating sandalwood moisturizes skin for a fresh, luminous glow.

~ Lotion

Light lotion with a botanical blend of softening chamomile and hydrating sandalwood to provide hydration that leaves skin petal soft. Lingering notes of jasmine and gardenia leave skin lightly scented.





Pedicure & Foot Massage

Try Pedicure with extended massage

75 min service.


Our feet has to bear our entire body weight and they are the most neglected of all body parts. Moreover, ill-fitting footwear, walking in high heels and bad posture contribute to the ache and pains that our feet feel at the end of a day. The best treat that you can give your feet is to go for a foot massage that will help to ease the pain and also provide relief to the tired muscles.

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